Speech Neuroscience Journal Club

We host a journal club every other Wedesday at 2pm, in S679 on the 6th floor of the Medical Sciences Building. The schedule is as follows:

Date Month Name Title  
13 Jan Noriko Tanigawa Perceptual compensation is correlated with individuals' "autistic" traits: Implications for models of sound change.  
27 Jan Megan Thompson Enhanced Auditory Evoked Activity to Self-Generated Sounds Is Mediated by Primary and Supplementary Motor Cortices.  
10 Feb John Houde  "Tan, H., Wade, C., & Brown, P. (2016). Post-movement beta activity in sensorimotor cortex indexes confidence in the estimations from internal models.  
24 Feb Inez Raharjo Deshpande et al., (2015). fMRI as a Preimplant Objective Tool to Predict Postimplant Oral Language Outcomes in Children with Cochlear Implants. Ear Hear.  
9 March Karuna Subramaniam    
23 March Ana Souza    
6 April Carly Demopoulos    
20 April Chang Cai    
4 May Hardik Kothare    
18 May Zarinah Agnew    
1 June Leighton Hinkely    
15 June Srikantan Nagarajan